Farrah Wethers: Miscarriage of Justice (Book 3)

Want to Know More About Farrah’s Third Mystery in Miscarriage of Justice?

In Miscarriage of Justice, Massage therapist Farrah Wethers becomes friends with one of her pre-natal clients, a young tarot reader named Lenore Lexington. Lenore’s daily life should focus on her growing family, but instead she’s tormented by vicious abuse. Farrah and her best friend June Cho help protect Lenore. They race to solve who is responsible for the threats before Lenore is traumatized further.

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What people are saying:

Miscarriage of Justice is a gripping mystery set in a vibrant suburban community filled with intrigue. Compelling characters with relatable family drama face off against modern-day threats in Love’s savvy, thrilling tale.”

Thomas Pluck, author of Bad Boy Boogie and Blade of Dishonor

“Farrah is a good, believable mix of competent and ‘hot mess’ that will likely resonate with anyone who’s struggled to balance home and work. Beyond that, the story is intriguing and pulls the reader along in the way a well-told anecdote from a friend keeps you holding out on getting more wine until they’re done.”

excerpt from Neliza Drew for Criminal Element and author of All the Bridges Burning