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There’s a start-up website for authors and readers called which can help pair readers with books on specific themes.

Authors choose one their own books and then give suggestions for other books that fit their theme. Those themes can be broad or specific. Imagine “books with female detectives” or “books with female detectives connected to New Jersey.”

The main character of my mysteries, Farrah Wethers, starts off in a Cardiac Arrest with a new career after job loss and her marriage is suffering. In book two, Full Body Manslaughter, Farrah is struggling with divorce while someone is threatening her best friend’s life at a work event away from home. By book three, Miscarriage of Justice, Farrah is beginning to settle in to her career and has figured out her ambitions for moving forward.

When another author suggested Shepherd as a way to promote our indie books, I liked what I saw. I chose a narrow focus to make my list using Full Body Manslaughter as my own anchoring book. You can find my curated list of Women Starting Over featuring five of my favorite reads.

Authors have to give fresh reviews to explain why they chose the books in their themed lists. This is a feature you won’t find on big sites. I love to discover books with women in mystery, suspense, and thriller stories.

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