Farrah Wethers: Full Body Manslaughter (Book 2)

Want to know where to buy Farrah’s Second Mystery, Full Body Manslaughter?

FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER picks up where CARDIAC ARREST left off. Massage therapist Farrah Wethers is trying to put her life back together. Her brand new career is in the toilet after one of her clients died and she was a suspect. Her marriage is rocky and day by day, she can’t figure out whether to fight for it or move on. Her relationship with her daughter is waning and Farrah feels the empty nest.

In FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER, Farrah thinks a business trip away from her problems will help bring some clarity. The plans are immediately disrupted when all her coworkers bail. Farrah recruits her best friend, June Cho, to tag along as her administrative assistant. They’re greeted with hostile animal rights protesters and plenty of bitter employees of Caress Lamour, an international cosmetics corporation. The CEO is murdered and the suspect list is long.

cover of Full Body Manslaughter

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