indigo background with small occult icons like cats, mortar and pestles, tarot cards, candles

Book Launch! Harming None — yes, Witches, we CAN do better!


Harming None:
Updated Witchcraft for Cultural Evolution

I’m thrilled present a digital book that has been YEARS in the making. I confess this has been a completely self-pub endeavor meaning — I didn’t have the funds to hire a professional book designer and I know this book which has a lot of photos and bullet lists needs a professional touch. Consider this the first edition. I hope someday to be able to afford to revise it and get it as visually appealing as the content deserves. The content is what matters.

ebook reader with Harming None cover displayed in middle; on left is ebook reader with an old photo of Amber in a public witchcraft circle which is in the book; on the other side is an ebook reader with a cauldron with parchment on fire which is another image in the book